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Clear Thinking ...

What is Thinking Intelligence®?

Clear Thinking

Everybody thinks they’re a clear thinker.

Yet we see costly Thinking Errors reported in the media EVERY SINGLE DAY, even by top teams.

Our research into Why Strategies, Plans, Projects, Decisions, Innovations, and Communications GO WRONG

... all the way back to the Titanic ...

shows the main cause of failure to be AVOIDABLE THINKING ERRORS by planning teams ... due to failing to think in the right way at crucial stages.

What is Thinking Intelligence®?

Everybody thinks they're a clear thinker

Yet, in a recent test, most people struggled to provide a definition of
Clear Thinking

Thinking Intelligence® is similar to Emotional Intelligence. But Emotions Thinking is just one of 30 different ways of thinking (Thinking Styles) useful in business and in life.

Thinking Intelligence gets the best results from your thinking and minimises the risk of costly thinking mistakes

... it virtually guarantees Flexible, Clear Thinking.

Wikipedia doesn't have a page defining Clear Thinking. 


Thinking Intelligence® defined
Training in Thinking Intelligence® for individuals, teams, leaders
♦ Thinking Intelligence® Team Workshops
   - bespoke business Applications, to work on any Thinking Challenge

Develop your Organisations' Thinking Competencies
Why intelligent people, especially teams, make costly mistakes
Classic Cases in avoidable Thinking Errors 

 How is Thinking Intelligence® defined



Clear Thinking is the result of developing your Thinking Intelligence®

 Thinking Intelligence® is:  

  1. being aware of how you and others are thinking, and how you should be thinking, in any given situation

  2. being alive to all those unconscious traps that can affect your (and others') clear thinking, eg egos, prejudices, biases, emotions, ...

  3. the ability to break down any complex thinking challenge into a sequence of single thinking steps; identify how you should be thinking at each step; then work through that thinking process ensuring that you engage the right thinking styles at each stage. 

see How to develop your Thinking Intelligence®

see 4-stage Clear Thinking Process

Most mistakes and failures are due to human thinking error
... by individuals, teams, or leaders.

 Unique Training and Coaching in Thinking Intelligence®
and Flexible, Agile, Controlled, Focussed, Clear Thinking

The Business Experience is the only company in the world providing training courses in Thinking Intelligence® and Flexible, Clear Thinking

- for teams, groups, individuals, or leaders
- from one to two days
- throughout your organisation
- anyone whose job requires them to think flexibly and clearly

see Thinking Intelligence® Training for individuals, teams, leaders

 Thinking Intelligence®
Team Workshops

Bespoke Applications
3 hours -1 Day
your offices/local venue

Get your Teams THINKING.

Get your organisation's teams or groups to work on any complex Thinking Challenge. Our trained facilitators will help your groups to work through our unique 4-stage Clear Thinking Process to ensure maximum thinking productivity and positive outcomes - and avoid costly thinking errors that only emerge too late to correct.

Example business Applications:

♦ Create, evaluate, and plan New Ideas and Innovations
♦ Devise, plan, or review Strategy, Plans, Objectives, Projects
♦ Devise, plan, and drive Change, eg Culture Change
♦ Energise Teamwork and Team Leadership

♦ Plan, evaluate, or review Marketing, Selling, Customer Relationships
♦ Plan, pre-test, or review Communications
♦ Test and sharpen Customer Focus
♦ Solve Problems - business, technical, people, performance ...

see Business Improvement Workshops
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 Develop your organisation's Thinking Competencies

1-2 day tailored workshop to devise or review your competency frameworks related to thinking skills relevant to specific job functions and levels.

see Thinking skills Competencies

 Why do intelligent people, especially teams, make simple yet costly thinking errors?

... errors often 'obvious' in hindsight

Our research identified 10 causes of unclear thinking by people and teams, even by experienced senior managers. See Our Research.

Main reasons are:

  • everybody thinks they are a clear thinker
  • people don't think HOW they are thinking, or how they SHOULD be thinking, in any given situation (metacognition)
  • most people are not trained to think (except perhaps in just a few ways such as strategic) and rely on their own preferred (natural) thinking styles
  • people are oblivious to the dozens of 'natural' (unconscious) cognitive traps to  clear thinking, such as assumptions, bias, prejudices, emotions, etc
  • they don't deliberately flex their thinking across up to 30 different ways (Styles) of thinking useful in business
  • they don't identify, and follow, a stage-wise Thinking Process
  • they don't work through that Thinking Process, being sure to engage the right ways (Styles) of thinking at each stage

... and, for teams at all levels, they can get stuck in one way of thinking (tunnel vision), or suffer GroupThink, where every member thinks the same way

  Classic Cases from our research 

The Financial Crisis
and Recession

... an accident waiting to happen

... poor Contingency Thinking, Design Thinking, and Controls Thinking

Main cause was a massive GroupThink by virtually everybody in the finance industry world-wide. Only one major economist questioned the wisdom and risk of complex financial instruments, 125% mortgages, reliance on wholesale funds, and the false premise that house prices would keep on rising.

Where was the Contingency Thinking ..."What could go wrong?"

But there were several other thinking errors, not least that a key oversight system, the Credit Rating Agencies, had an in-built conflict of interest - they are paid by the people they report on. This is a failure of Design Thinking and Controls Thinking.

 Nasa's Challenger Space Shuttle disaster

... stuck in one way of thinking

Had the launch team stopped to think on that fatal day about HOW they were thinking they would have realised that they were stuck in the wrong way of thinking.

They felt under tremendous pressure to launch the shuttle (Emotions Thinking). But had they recognised this, and then switched into the Risk Thinking style, they would surely have aborted the launch. They knew that the rocket O-rings were not designed or tested for the low temperature that morning. 

Millennium Dome

... nice dome, but a flawed concept

Many thinking errors - all avoidable. First is poor Concept Thinking - what was it for? It took another 10 years to find a use for it.

Then there were the dozens of Design Thinking errors, most notably having only one security checkpoint for the hundreds of VIP's and media editors on that freezing-cold opening night. This single thinking error guaranteed negativity from day one.

Our Thinking Intelligence®
Case Study of the month


Every month we analyse top news stories reported in the media to draw out valuable lessons in clear or unclear thinking relevant to Strategies, Plans, Projects, Innovations, Decisions, and Communications.

In every study we identify good, or poor, engagement of specific Thinking Styles (whether by design or accident) and the exact stages in particular thinking processes where these Thinking Styles were applied, missed, or fudged.

See Case Studies.

Have a Demo Email us for an introductory discussion on Thinking Intelligence® and a demonstration of our 4-stage Clear Thinking Process applied to any aspect of your business.