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Clear Thinking ...

Thinking Intelligence® for Leaders, Teams, and Individuals

Clear Thinking

Thinking Intelligence® is the higher-level skill of Whole-Brained Thinking that empowers leaders, teams, and individuals to think with greater clarity, focus, control, agility, flexibility, understanding, and confidence in results.

Your workforce can develop this skill via our bespoke Thinking Intelligence® training and applications workshops. Outcomes will be well-thought-out strategies, plans, decisions, problem-solutions, innovations, and change programmes, with minimal risk of costly thinking errors.


What is Thinking Intelligence?
- advanced Whole-Brained thinking applied to business thinking challenges

Thinking Intelligence® training and applications workshops
- learn and apply the skills of advanced Whole-Brained Thinking

The huge BENEFITS in developing your Thinking Intelligence®
- boost your thinking flexibility, agility, clarity, focus, and control

How the NEED for Thinking Intelligence® was discovered
- our research into Why Plans Go Wrong and Whole-Brained Thinking

What is Thinking Intelligence®?

Breaking down a Thinking Challenge and thinking in the right ways at each stage

Thinking Intelligence® is:

thinking with greater awareness, structure, control, flexibility, agility, focus, and clarity

the ability to break down any thinking challenge into a logical sequence of thinking steps (a Thinking Process)

... engage the right ways of thinking (Thinking Styles) at each stage

... whilst constantly checking for unconscious Thinking Traps

see What is Thinking Intelligence®

Thinking Intelligence®  Training and Applications workshops

Learn how to

think in the right ways

whatever the situation or challenge

 Applied Whole-Brained Thinking

♦  Training courses aimed at Leaders, Teams, and groups of individuals.
Learn how to:

  • think using your whole brain to get the best results and avoid costly mistakes in any situation
  • break down any thinking challenge into a simpler, logical sequence of thinking actions (a Thinking Process)
  • understand how to think (which of 16 Thinking Styles to focus on) at each stage in that Thinking Process
  • check your thinking for dangerous Cognitive Traps such as bias, fallacy, assumptions, emotions, groupthink, etc

♦  Applications Workshops aimed at Teams or project groups
Apply our Thinking Intelligence® tools and processes to any Thinking Challenge, eg devise a Strategy or Plan; solve Problems; make Decisions; create, evaluate, and plan New Ideas; plan Change … anything that can affect your organisation’s performance.

See Thinking Intelligence® Training and Applications Workshops and menu of suggestions for applying your Thinking Intelligence®

 Do you want a brain that is more Flexible, Agile, Clear, Focused, and Controlled?


 Learn how to use your whole brain to tackle any Thinking Challenge

The huge BENEFITS in developing your Thinking Intelligence®

  • Broaden your thinking range to become a Whole-Brained Thinker
  • Flex your brain to think in different ways depending on the situation
  • Be in control of how you, and others, are thinking in meetings
  • Able to tackle any thinking challenge - by turning it into a simpler stage-wise Thinking Process
  • Confident that you are thinking in the right ways at each stage
  • Confident that you won’t get stuck in one way of thinking, or the wrong way of thinking, or fall into unconscious Cognitive Traps
  • Assured that you are highly unlikely to make the sort of costly thinking errors we see almost every day in the media.

See The Benefits of Thinking Intelligence®

 How was the NEED for Thinking Intelligence® discovered?

… from our analysis of how intelligent leaders and teams made ‘simple’ Thinking Mistakes which seemed ‘obvious’ in hindsight …

What were they thinking?”

Thinking Intelligence® developed from our research into:

  • “How people and teams think”, “Whole-Brained Thinking”, and
  • “Why Strategies, Plans, Projects, Decisions, Innovations, and Communications GO WRONG”.

We found that the main reason for failures was avoidable thinking errors by leaders and teams at all levels of seniority. And the chief causes of thinking errors were:

  • getting stuck in one way, or the wrong way, of thinking
  • failing to focus minds in the right ways at key stages
  • falling into Thinking Traps

See The Need for Thinking Intelligence®, our Research, and Classic Cases in Unclear Thinking

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