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Clear Thinking

How to develop your Thinking Intelligence®

 "How can I learn to think flexibly and clearly

... to maximise results
and minimise the
risk of costly mistakes?"


  • how people and teams THINK
  • how they get stuck in one way of thinking
  • how YOU think ... your preferred way/s of thinking
  • how to develop your thinking skills and 
    flex across a wide range of Thinking Styles
  • how you should be thinking in any given situation


Six steps to developing your Thinking Intelligence®
Whole-Brained thinking ... four core Thinking Styles
How do YOU think? ... your core strengths
The Ideal Team ... is a 'Balanced' team

Six steps to developing your Thinking Intelligence®

Clear Thinking 





Thinking Intelligence® Training for individuals, teams, leaders

Learn ... in just one day ... how to:

  1. Flex your thinking skills across up to 30 different Thinking Styles useful in business

  2. Be aware of how you are thinking - and how you should be thinking - in any given situation

  3. Be aware of how others are thinking (eg in your team) and encourage them to think in the right way at particular stages in a Business Thinking Process

  4. Break down any complex Business Thinking Process (eg strategising, planning, decision-making, problem-solving, innovating) into a sequence of individual Thinking Steps/Stages in a Business Thinking Process

  5. Identify how you should be thinking (which Styles to engage) at each stage in that Thinking Process

  6. Work through your selected Business Thinking Process, switching your brain into the right Thinking Styles at each stage and ensure you don't get caught in the many subconscious traps that prevent clear thinking such as bias, prejudice, emotions

This process virtually guarantees Flexible, Clear Thinking.

see our 4-stage Clear Thinking Process.

see Thinking Skills Competencies

 Learn about
Whole-Brained Thinking

 Learn how to flex your brain across many different ways of thinking

... from Concept Thinking to Detailed Planning Thinking

... from Opportunity Thinking to Risk Thinking



Our unique Training provides Descriptors and Prompts for up to 30 Thinking Styles
... virtually competencies

eg What Design Thinking is, 
... how to do it,
... and how to focus
your mind on it

                                           Whole-Brained Thinking

Most people know about left---right brain thinking. The left brain is logical, analytical, factual; the right brain is creative, intuitive, emotional.

The Whole-Brain model of thinking, created by Ned Herrmann whilst working at General Electric in America, suggests that the brain thinks in four very different
(core) Thinking Styles representing four symbolic quadrants of the brain:

Within these 4 core Thinking Styles are more than 30 specific Thinking Styles useful in Business, highly focused ‘ways of thinking’ that maximise your power of thought (and results) and minimise the risk of costly thinking errors.

For example, Concept Thinking, Strategic, Creative, Analytical, Logical, Facts, Detailed Planning, Controls, Contingency, Emotions, Customer, Empathetic.

Our unique Thinking Intelligence® training courses for individuals, teams, and leaders provide Descriptors of each major Thinking Style useful in business. What each Style is, and how to engage that Style. We also provide short mental triggers (Thinking Prompts) to help delegates switch into, and focus on, each Style.

HOW do YOU think?

Everyone has their own set of Preferred Thinking Styles

... that can affect how they deal with situations
... and other people

Every individual tends to use naturally (therefore is strongest in) only one or two core Thinking Styles – their Preferred Thinking Styles. The most common sets are:

♦  Left-Brainers: may be good at Reasoning and Task thinking

♦  Right-Brainers: can be strong in Visionary and People thinking

♦  Thinkers: prefer Visionary and Reasoning thinking (the ‘blue-sky’ strategy people)

♦  Doers:
are Task and People thinkers (prized for getting things done).

But there are many different permutations of preferred sets of Styles.
For example, engineers are often strong analysers but may be less strong at empathising.

The Ideal Team
has a ‘Balance’
of Thinking Styles.

Check how YOUR team thinks

People doing the same jobs tend to have the same Thinking Preferences. This can lead to serious Thinking Errors by teams. The ideal team is a ‘balanced’ team, a combination of all four core Thinking Style preferences.

This is essential to avoid GroupThink (everybody thinks the same wrong way). A team of ‘Doers’ may rush into doing the wrong thing, whilst a group of 'Thinkers' may struggle to complete a task.

Have a Demo Email us for an introductory discussion on Thinking Intelligence® and a demonstration of our 4-stage Clear Thinking Process applied to any aspect of your business.