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Clear Thinking

Benefits of Thinking Intelligence® 

Your thinking becomes more
Mindful, Structured, Controlled, Focused, Clear, Agile, Flexible, Diverse,

… and Whole-Brained


for example: able to switch quickly between Overview and Detailed; Business and Customer Thinking

Clear ThinkingThinking Intelligenceâ ignites your thinking …

awareness: of how you, and others are thinking; and how you should be thinking at any moment or stage in a Thinking Process; being alive to the many unconscious thinking traps

… structure: to see how to break down any thinking challenge into a logical sequence of simpler thinking actions (a Thinking Process)

… control: to keep focused, on track; think in the right ways depending on the situation; avoid getting stuck in one way, or the wrong way, of thinking

focus: to home in on, and concentrate on, the main issues; to focus your mind on one specific Thinking Style at a time, eg Risk Thinking, or Facts

… clarity: to spot flaws in an argument or plan; see the real issue or problem, the root causes, the best solutions, the overall objective, the logical steps in a realistic plan

agility: to switch quickly between different Thinking Styles

… flexibility/diversity: to think across the full range of Whole-Brained Thinking Styles, especially across polar-opposites such as Business---Customer Thinking, Overview---Detailed, Analytical---Creative, …


 Thinking skills and range greatly expand
Understanding, communication, and confidence are boosted
Leaders become effective Whole-Brained Leaders
Team/group meetings become more efficient and productive
♦ Thinking Capital and business performance increases

Thinking skills and range greatly expand

to be able to tackle any Thinking Challenge; deal with any difficult situation


♦  You can focus in 16 specific Thinking Styles across the broad range of Whole-Brained Thinking: eg Strategic Thinking, Creative, Analytical, Logical, Planning, Process, Empathy, Customer
… especially Concept Thinking – the most important thinking skill of all, the main driver of clear thinking, learning, and innovation.

♦  Become adept in key business Thinking Processes such as Strategising, Project Planning, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making, Innovation, Planning Change …

♦  Think more logically and clearly about a situation, task, or challenge; see a clear route to achieve SMART objectives

Understanding, Communication, and Confidence are boosted

Stress is controlled; wellbeing improves

♦  Understand and develop complex ideas, concepts, or plans - and explain them clearly to others

♦  Be more confident: in meetings or presentations; in pressure situations; confidence to cope with complexity and see the key issues

♦  Be more aware of your emotions (and those of others) which helps you deal with pressure and focus on facts and priorities

Leaders become effective, Whole-Brained Leaders

Encouraging followship

The Leadership role requires a greater emphasis on the Visionary quartile of Whole-Brained thinking. But the successful Leader needs to be a Thinker and Doer, Left-Brained and Right-Brained.

For example, Leaders need to develop a vision or direction. But they also need to encourage people to follow them (which requires strong People Thinking skills).

Team or Group meetings become more efficient and productive

Thinking Intelligence®:

  • provides essential structure to discussions, strategising, decision-making, problem-solving, ideation, innovation, and planning
  • provides a common language to express thoughts, concerns, ideas, and gut feelings without fear
  • encourages more diverse, more balanced, opinions and ideas
  • prevents tunnel vision, groupthink, wild assumptions, bias, …
  • provides greater control and focus, eg balancing analysis with creativity

Thinking Capital and  business performance increases  

... across your whole organisation

Thinking Intelligence®:

  • facilitates successful strategies, plans, innovations, problem-solving
  • improves departmental decision-making and communications
  • facilitates change (culture, behaviours, attitudes) because it changes the way people THINK – the key ingredient in change
  • vastly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of all meetings
  • minimises the risk of costly thinking errors
  • helps resolve project problems; kills off ‘flawed’ ideas or plans

Thinking Intelligence® builds a smarter organisation. Your workforce brains are a key financial asset - ‘Thinking Capital’.


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