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Clear Thinking

Thinking Intelligence® Training for individuals, teams, leaders

Tailored, in-company
training courses

in Thinking Intelligence®
1-2 days

in your offices
or local venue

Clear ThinkingGroups of individuals or leaders, or entire teams. Can be tailored to levels of seniority. 

Invaluable for any manager, specialist, or team whose performance is affected by their ability to think flexibly and clearly in all situations, especially under pressure.

Participants will assess and develop skills in the most valuable asset they possess - THINKING INTELLIGENCE® - guaranteed Flexible, Clear Thinking


What attendees wil gain from this world-first training course
Core content for all delegates
Content for Teams
Content for Leaders

Attendees will gain

... the ability to break down any complex Thinking Challenge into a series of individual thinking steps

... and think in the right way at each stage (from up to 30 different ways of thinking)

... to ensure Clear Thinking

♦ A realisation of HOW they (and others) THINK - their Preferred Thinking Styles and Development Areas – how their Thinking Styles can affect their performance, and their team's performance

♦ Techniques for identifying the many traps that can subconsciously affect the clarity of people's thinking, especially in groups 

♦ Knowledge of the core Business Thinking Processes (eg Strategising, Planning, Innovation, Problem Solving, Change, Decision Making) and their key stages

♦ Knowledge of, and practice in, the key Thinking Styles of Whole Brain Thinking within the Visionary, Reasoning, Task, and PeopleThinking quartiles

♦ Practice in switching between Thinking Styles, especially polar-opposite Styles (such as Creative---Analytical Thinking)

♦ Ability to select (and engage) the most appropriate Thinking Styles at each stage in a particular Business Thinking Process

♦ Prompts to stimulate thinking and quickly engage specific Thinking Styles

♦ The ability to focus on core issues whilst retaining the flexibility to think in many different (even opposite) ways, eg Overview to Detail, Opportunity to Risk
♦ Practice in thinking creatively under pressure and developing improvisation skills

  Core Content for all delegates

Introducing Thinking Intelligence®;
Flexible, Clear Thinking;
Whole Brained Thinking

... and why clever people make costly mistakes

  • How costly Thinking Errors occur – at any level of management
  • 10 causes of costly Thinking Errors - eg why GroupThink or Tunnel Vision happens without anyone realising, until too late; why thinking errors are often 'obvious' in hindsight but 'oblivious' at the time; the dozens of traps that subconsciously influence people's thinking
  • Classic Examples of Unclear Thinking from our 'library' of Case Studies
  • Whole Brain Thinking – the Four Quartiles – Left v Right; Thinkers v Doers
  • Identifying individual participants’ Preferred Thinking Styles
  • The effects of Thinking Styles’ imbalance on team performance; how to cope
How to Think Clearly in business situations

– the 4-stage Clear Thinking Process 
  • The 4-stage Clear Thinking Process that ensures Clear Thinking about any Thinking Challenge
  • Business Thinking Processes and the key stages in each Process
  • How to decide which Thinking Styles to engage at each stage in a Process
  • Practice in working through one or two key Business Thinking Processes and switching between Thinking Styles at each stage
Learn how to switch between many different Thinking Styles

... to develop your Clear Thinking skills and flexibility
 ... and ability to
Think on your feet 
  • Descriptions of, and practice in, the key Thinking Styles used in business
  • Why some Thinking Styles are polar opposites (eg Analytical---Creative, Risk---Opportunity, Leadership---Management, Business---Customer)
  • Practice in switching quickly between Thinking Styles to improve flexibility
  • Thinking on your feet; improvisation skills and other techniques – practical tips and practice.  People often get flustered and can’t think straight under pressure. They may even ‘freeze’. Improvisation is an excellent, fun way to develop clear thinking confidence, creativity, and flexibility in stressful situations.

 Content for Teams

Thinking Intelligence® training for Teams

... can include Live Issues affecting performance

These workshops follow the core content as above but can also examine:

  • the 'balance' of preferred thinking styles - the ideal team contains a balance of all the four core Whole Brain Thinking Styles
  • live issues that could be affecting effective teamworking

This event combines training with team development


Content for Leaders

 Thinking Intelligence® training for Leaders

Leadership requires a very different way of thinking
to Management

These workshops follow the core content as above but also focus more on:

  • the Thinking Styles relevant to leadership - eg leadership thinking, strategic, planning, vision, business, risk, controls, influencing, communication
  • the Thinking Processes relevant to leadership - eg strategising, planning, decision-making, change
  • live issues that could be affecting business performance

This event is part training, part leadership development, part business performance problem-solving

      Thinking Skills Competencies
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