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Clear Thinking

Thinking Skills Competencies

Tailored Workshop
and Consultancy
to devise or review
Thinking Skills Competencies

... for use in recruitment 
and performance appraisal
& development 

Clear Thinking1-2 day workshop to develop Descriptions and Measures of Thinking Ability across a range of Thinking Styles for your entire workforce

Attendees can include:

  • HR teams
  • groups of individual managers, perhaps from different disciplines
  • entire management teams in one department/function/business unit


Workshop Aims - to review/devise/develop Thinking Competencies
What is a Thinking Skills Competency?
Why a review is needed - no accepted standards, limited range
Workshop format and basis for discussion 
    (our unique range of Thinking Style Descriptors)

Aims To examine and develop Thinking Skills Competencies for your organisation used in recruitment, training, performance reviews, and assessment/development centres, so that they:

  1. encompass the four Quartiles of Whole-Brained Thinking (Visionary, Reasoning, Task, and People Thinking), ... and
  2. cover all the key Thinking Styles and Business Thinking Processes required for particular jobs
  3. include methods of testing Thinking Flexibility (if desired)
"What is a Thinking Skills Competency?"

Thinking Skills Competencies are written Behavioural Indicators used to measure ability to engage and use specific Thinking Styles whilst working through Business Thinking Processes.

 "Why should I need to review those we already have or devise more competencies?"

Because there is no general standard for Thinking Competencies or even Thinking Processes. Each organisation develops its own list and descriptions. There isn’t even a standard name for any particular Thinking Competency. Even so-called Critical Thinking is actually a mix of very different Thinking Styles.

We have observed thinking competency names such as Strategic, Creative, Analytical, Critical, and Emotional Intelligence. But rarely do we see mentions of the equally important Thinking Competencies of Concept Thinking, Design, Evaluative, Planning, Imagination, Risk, Communication, Enquiry, Contingency, Customer Thinking, etc.

The Workshop format


Our unique Thinking Style Descriptors form the basis of Thinking Skills Competencies

... for example what
Design Thinking is,
and how to do it

We have identified more than 30 specific Thinking Styles, ie different ways of thinking, which should be engaged at specific stages in Business Thinking Processes. Our tailored Workshops are based on the following format:

  • prior to the workshop: diagnostic interviews with job holders and their managers to identify the key thinking skills needed for particular jobs (if required)
  • presentation describing specific Thinking Styles, their fit within Whole-Brained Thinking, and how/where each is used in key Business Thinking Processes
  • the group then decides which Thinking Styles and Thinking Processes are most relevant to their organisation, or particular functional departments/jobs, and which Styles should be developed into Competencies
  • after the workshop: our consultants will then assist the client in writing descriptions of the selected competencies (including the behavioural indicators)
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