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The Business Experience
Business Performance Improvement Services
for individuals, teams, and organisations

Leadership, Teams, Change

Team Thinking, Performance, and Development

Improve your Team's Thinking Agility, Performance, and Teamworking

  • Leadership Developmentimprove your team's Thinking Intelligence®
  • boost motivation and engagement
  • maximise team performance and development
  • resolve teamwork or performance problems

via bespoke Team Performance & Development Workshops  for intact teams - in your offices or local venue

Develop Whole-Brained Teams

Capitalise on Thinking Diversity and Flexibility

Thinking Intelligence® for Teams

Discover our innovative training course designed to improve your team's:
- thinking clarity, flexibility, agility, control, and focus
- decision-making, planning, strategizing, problem-solving, innovation, ... and a host of other stage-wise Business Thinking Processes.

For all these key Thinking Processes, it is essential to switch into different ways of thinking (Thinking Styles) at each stage, to maximise success and minimise the risk of costly mistakes.

see Thinking Intelligence® for Leaders, Teams, and individuals


Boost Team Performance via Engagement and Motivation workshops

Engagement & Motivation concepts, ideas creation, and planning Workshops. 
We facilitate your teams to identify the key engagers and motivators that stimulate employees to give their best effort. This can include investigative research (1-1 or group sessions) to discover 'hidden' causes of demotivation or disengagement.. 

Team Development

"THAT is definitely affecting our performance"

Engage in a unique Team Development experience ... 
"What affects Team Performance?"

Improve team productivity and develop teamworking skills
 with our tailored one day workshop in which your team absorbs up to 20 factors that have a major impact on any team’s performance; prioritises which factors are most important to the team; then works on ways to resolve issues and achieve superior team performance. These 20 factors include Team Balance and Thinking Flexibility.

Facilitate new team start-ups or 'introduce' new team leaders

See our Research on What really affects Business/Team performance

 Resolve Teamwork issues

Resolve Team-working challenges:
Diagnostic consultancy and team workshop aimed at specific teams, to:
- identify team-working problems, analyse causes, and resolve issues
- assess teamwork Balance (eg balance of Thinking Styles, Team Roles, Myers Briggs Personality Types).
  Change; Culture Change
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