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Business Performance Improvement Services
for individuals, teams, and organisations

Leadership, Talent, and OD Projects

Talent Management Consultancy & Training

Talent Projects
… from 1 day
Consultancy and training workshops in Recruitment, Assessment, Motivation, Engagement, Retention, Performance Management

Recruiting & Appraising Talent - Competencies; Competency Interviewing
Engaging, Motivating, and Retaining Talent - Forums and Workshops
Managing Performance - from the whole Process to Analysis of Impacts

Recruiting and Appraising
  • Leadership DevelopmentCompetency Development 
    review and development of your competency frameworks used in recruitment and appraisals 
    - especially Thinking Skills Competencies (applying our Thinking Intelligence Model to ensure all key Thinking Competencies are included for particular jobs/levels)
  • Competency Interviewing
    • review and development of competency-based interview procedures
    • group training workshops in competency-based interviewing

Engaging, Motivating, and Retaining Talent


One Engagement Forum at a top global business was so successful it was rolled out company-wide

  • Key Talent and High-Potential Engagement Forums 
    design, project management, and facilitation of events designed to increase the motivation and retention of high-potential managers and staff.
    For example by getting them involved in devising, examining, or planning strategy, objectives, change, culture, improvements, innovations, or campaigns/projects.
  • Engagement & Motivation Ideas Workshops 
    creative, structured discussions to establish the key engagers and motivators that stimulate employees to give their best effort. Can include investigative research (1-1 or group sessions). 
  • Developing your key talent via Career Managementindividual Coaching or group Workshops 
    aimed at key high-potential staff you want to retain long term. Focuses their thinking on how they will manage and develop their careers within your organisation to mutual benefit.
Managing Performance
  • Consultancy to review and improve Performance Management processes
  • Design and delivery of workshops (for managers) in running effective Performance Reviews and Performance Development meetings
  • Design and facilitation of creative-analytical workshops (aimed at groups of managers or individual teams) to study: “What affects Business Performance?” or “What affects Team Performance?”

    See our Research on What really affects Business performance
  Change; Culture Change; Team Development
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