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Customer Focus Audit + Ideas

How to Use the Customer-Focusing Process

How you can use our
4-stage Customer-Focusing Process

... to check Focus and create Ideas for Improvements

Customer FocusSEE hidden Sales Barriers and 
         Improvement Opportunities

Ask us to take the role of a demanding, analytical, critical customer 
... yet also a creative, helpful, proactive customer.

Benefit from our unique customer-insight expertise - from experience of both Sales & Marketing and Buying - dual perspectives, polar opposite ways of thinking.

How we help you
to spot 'hidden' sales barriers

 ... and find profitable business improvement opportunities


inluding your Marketing & Selling Communications

... see AdQA: World's first Comms Quality Assurance system

We work through the Customer-Focusing Process, with your teams or by ourselves,

... and apply our Customer Focus Questions, Tests, and Prompts to any chosen aspect of your business – using a variety of methods:

♦  team/group workshops attended by your teams (and customers or agencies if
desired) to study any aspect of your business from the customers’ perspective
... including marketing & selling communications (see AdQA)

♦  diagnostic interviews … with your staff and managers, or customers

♦  research and surveys … on the market, customers, staff, or literature/internet

♦  business process analysis … by working through a process, from start to end

♦  visits to your premises … to go through a customer experience (or test selling)

♦  customer role-plays … to check out any aspect of your business, especially your training, product design, store design, and selling

♦  visits to your exhibitions stands … to test signs, displays, selling (see AdQA)

♦  by post, email, courier … on any communication ‘document’ or plan (see AdQA

Barrett's Law of Subjectivity.

The originator can’t even be sure of

See ‘Classic Cases’

Anyone can work through this 4-stage Process. But to guarantee profitable results, with minimal errors, the Customer-Focusing Process must be facilitated by someone who has no involvement with your organisation, or your plans, products, or communications.

This is the basis of Barrett's Law of Subjectivity:
"Nobody can see their own business, especially their communications, from the customers' viewpoint. They are too involved to be objective." 

The Customer-Focusing Process must be facilitated by someone who is totally objective, with Business---Customer Thinking skills and dual-perspective experience of Selling and Buying.

See Classic Cases, from top corporations … and marketing ‘experts’.

How we facilitate the Customer-Focusing Process

… to spot ‘hidden’
sales barriers

and create ideas for improvements

In customer role-play situations we 'naturally' switch between Business Thinking and Customer Thinking - from our dual-perspective experience in Selling and Buying.

When working with your teams, we guide and stimulate your teams to focus on, and switch between, up to 30 specific ways of thinking (Thinking Styles, such as Design Thinking, Imagination Thinking) as they work through the 4-stage Process. It is particularly important to engage, and be able to switch quickly between, Business Thinking and Customer Thinking – polar opposite ways of thinking.
See How to Think Flexibly and Clearly.

We pose the Customer Focus Questions and Tests then look for clear, satisfactory, and persuasive ‘answers’. The Process automatically pinpoints sales barriers. Our Prompts stimulate ideas for solutions and improvements.

The Process often spurs ideas for new products and services, for example by discovering 'unmet-needs' opportunities


What are the Customer Focus Questions, Tests, & Prompts?
Classic Cases in costly Customer Focus mistakes

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