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AdQA – Communications Pre-Testing & Improvement

What can I Use AdQA for?

AdQA has many applications.

Here are six, but No.6 could be No.1 for you
You can use AdQA in a variety of ways during the creation, development, testing, publication, and review of any form of visual and aural communications, including advertising, websites, exhibitions, brochures, presentations, and selling.

1. Create Ideas for
    new campaigns or

even for new

ADQADevelop ideas for a whole new campaign or for an individual communication. AdQA is creative as well as analytical. AdQA can be used as an Ideas Generator for devising new messages.

AdQA studies customers’ needs and the benefits they would like to receive. One result is that ideas are often stimulated for new or improved products and services.

2. Test or improve
     your selling

Test the effectiveness of your sales staff (sales pitch/presentation/attitudes etc), or create a new selling message – AdQA is a Sales Message Tester and Developer. From our experience in Buying, sales staff often struggle to explain what they are selling, for example at exhibitions. AdQA solves this problem in minutes.

3. Test and improve your
    new communications
    prior to issue (pre-test)

Test and improve the effectivenessof your new communications prior to publication (Pre-Testing). Spot un-noticed errors or potential barriers to effectiveness and develop ideas for solutions and improvements. AdQA is a creative-analytical Quality Assurance system that rigorously, and methodically, checks - and improves - the effectiveness of your new communications … before issue.

4. Check and improve
    your existing

Check and improve the effectiveness of any current communications you have doubts about. Spot ‘hidden’ errors or barriers to effectiveness and develop ideas for solutions and improvements. AdQA tells you what potential customers don’t bother to mention, even if they know what is wrong with your comms. (which isn’t often).

5. Solve Problems with
    existing campaigns
    … within hours

    and improve teamwork

Resolve problems with existing campaigns or individual communications. AdQA is a Communications Problem-Solver. It aids problem clarification, analyses the causes, and creates ideas for solutions. NOTE: communications problems may have many causes, including teamwork. You can be ‘too close’ to see them.

AdQA helped one client find out why his £16 million campaign wasn’t working … and created ideas for successful solutions … in just one day. One key cause of the problem was unclear objectives, both within the client's teams and with the agencies.

6. Justify or boost
    your Budget to the
    Finance Director,
    your Value to the CEO

Justify your communications’ budget to your Finance Director, and get more if you need it. Finance people hate uncertainty and waste – they love Quality Assurance. AdQA removes iffyness from communications. They’ll love it – and you.

CEO's are forever questioning the value of the Marketing dept because of its nebulosity. AdQA gives marketing the value-credibility it aspires to.

  How does AdQA work?
How can I use AdQA? – three delivery options 
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