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AdQA – Communications Pre-Testing & Improvement

The Need for AdQA?  Ten Reasons. Ten Benefits.

Why should I
need AdQA?

Ask Gerald Ratner. We did.

One little speech cost him his £500million business.

Examples from our ‘library' of Case Studies from our research into "Why communications go wrong." 

  • We asked Gerald Ratner if he’d pre-tested his infamous ‘total crap’ speech. He said: “Well, yes and no.  Yes, I tested the speech on my board and they said ‘Fine, just add a few jokes’. … No, I didn’t test the jokes”.
  • A £3 million campaign - that had been thoroughly pre-tested by conventional methods - had to be pulled because customers took a ‘wrong’ meaning after launch. One of our AdQA Tests (“Meaning?”) could have picked up the ‘obvious’ error … in just 10 minutes.

why any communicator can benefit from AdQA

... based on our research into Why Communications GO WRONG

See Why Communications Go Wrong


Our library of comms mistakes includes examples from Ad Agencies, Design Agencies, and other  Marketing experts

We all suffer from the same problems


AdQA is both analytical
and creative

1.  AdQA ASSURES EFFECTIVENESS, and justifies your budget. It is a rigorous quality assurance system. Your CEO and Finance Director will love it … and you!

2.  AdQA minimises the chance of mistakes, and maximises the success of communications. AdQA pinpoints exactly what is wrong or confusing and how to put it right. It even suggests improvements to ‘acceptable’ communications. 

3.  AdQA removes the iffyness from Communications. All communications are ‘iffy’. We’ve got a library of examples to prove it. Even TWO WORD slogans or campaign titles by top organisations … including a Marketing education body … were misinterpreted by their target audiences.  See Classic Cases that demonstrate the need for Customer Focus

4.  No Communications Agency will guarantee effectiveness. They claim that there are too many other influences on sales. Even if you pay your agency by results you will have still spent a marketing budget for perhaps little return. AdQA is as near as you can get to a guarantee.

5.  Nobody can quality-assure their own communications – yet most people (wrongly) believe they can. This delusion can be very painful - Gerald Ratner lost his £500million business because he was sure his ‘total crap’ speech was funny.

6.  AdQA lets you see/hear your communication from your target’s perspective … which is completely different from yours.You know what you are trying to say, you know what you sell – your targets have to work it out for themselves, if they can be bothered.

7.  Focus Groups and website usability tests are notoriously unreliable. They’ve rubbished campaigns that went on to be successful, and missed huge 'obvious' errors. Customers are not communications analysts - if they have a concern they would struggle to articulate that concern. AdQA is rigorous, analytical, and methodical, examining every word and picture for effectiveness.

8.  Conventional tests are not creative. They may indicate a ‘problem’ but won’t pinpoint causes or offer solutions/improvements. Customers are not creatives. AdQA is so creative it even stimulates ideas for new products and services.

9.  Potential customers don’t usually give feedback. They don’t tell you that your selling is hopeless or that they didn’t notice your advert or exhibition stand. Even if they did, they couldn’t explain why or how to improve it. As we said, customers are not communications analysts. AdQA is critically analytical and creatively constructive.

10. We see ‘obvious’, costly communications errors every single day. Obvious, that is, to virtually everyone except the people who produced the communication. Errors that would have been picked up by AdQA in less than 10 minutes, sometimes in seconds!

  Four ways to apply AdQA 
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